Explore Chiang Mai’s culinary history and local food scene!

Get Outside and Enjoy the Tour De Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand is the most picturesque city in Southeast Asia. For food lovers, finding chateaubriand there might be a challenge, but here’s a part of the itinerary you can try at home: Eat Like a Local in Northern Thailand with Will Fly for Food.

You will meet the chefs and their teams as they kick-off a variety of cooking classes, which you can experience at your own pace and price. If you’re interested in seeing Chiang Mai before you go, these tours start right on the beach – hopefully you’ll find a sunset overlooking the beautiful, sprawling Chiang Mai Bay.

Chiang Mai has 100+ beaches, near to a tourist magnet in the city, but you won’t find any crowds here; families wander the beaches, go for a walk or take a boat ride, or simply sip coconut water and eat at a beach-side restaurant.

Get to know the city’s culinary history from The Travel Center’s Executive Chef, Bradley Crouch, who will introduce you to dishes such as chicken and caribbean jerk chicken, grilled crab with herbed mayonnaise, beef curry with bok choy, garlic shrimp stew, and crispy pumpkin cake.

We’ll also include tasting stations to expand your palette, starting with an appetizer course which will leave you wanting more. Most of the chef’s samples are tapas-sized so that the 5 to 7-course menu is worth tasting.

If you can’t find this tour at your preferred hotel, budget choices in the area include the following options: The Bar & Kitchen at Montise at Chiang Mai’s Taj Hotel, the ambiance at Ko Ocean & Bar at the San Sukhothai Suvarnabhumi Airport, and the restaurants at Ma Thai Northern Thai Hotel & Spa & The Ritz-Carlton Chiang Mai.

If you’d like to buy a cooking class ticket in advance, pricing begins at 40,000 baht; a priority-picking ticket gets you in as soon as you check in. There are packages for an evening dining date which are much more affordable ($45), while packages to meet up with other guests on a group tour run $50 each.

Go To Get the Details On Will Fly for Food’s Chiang Mai Cookout Food Tours

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Travel Tips: Hanoi Street Food Tour

The capital of Vietnam is a metropolis boasting the cuisine of multiple regions across the country, where you’ll find a wide array of different cuisines and ingredients. A taxi ride along Ho Chi Minh Trail will take you into the center of the action, and in the shortest amount of time you’ll meet a cab driver who has a knack for recommending the best establishments in town.

Unfortunately, tours in Hanoi are expensive, but with the help of your driver you can book your food tour of the city for less than your cab fare.

Step into the home of backstreet academies here in Hanoi. We already covered them in our July piece Travel Tips for Holiday in Hanoi. A guide at these backstreet academies is essential because it takes a few minutes of your precious time to quickly orient yourself into the setting of each grade your tour passes. Most of the academies are located in shopping districts, so be sure to save your time during the walk out of the tuk-tuk and back into the taxi.

Just like the in-your-face decor, the quality of cuisine is also high. In this case, it’s high quality of Vietnamese cuisine, with cuisine from the capital, South Vietnam, and North Vietnam. These restaurants are also local favorites, making them the most popular places for locals to visit and gain access to some of the best Vietnamese cuisine in the world. They also offer safe drinking water, local hang outs, and temporary shelters when the city turns over under tropical storms.

The best part is that all you need is your tourist card. Given the strict regulations and Vietnam’s rather restrictive capital and immigration laws, it’s not uncommon for tourists to still be detained. The card acts as an I.D. and has the capability to allow locals to carry out transactions. However, having the card can be a little tedious and impractical.

Two other tricks for ordering food are to automatically move through to the next section of the menu without taking your time and asking your guide to walk you through the translation process. And be sure to ask for an order of chilli shrimp, vermicelli soup, and condensed milk which come with a few other dishes, like fried rice and lunghui soup.

Hanoi Street Food Tour


Will flies for food. Will flies for coffee.

In my first week, I had to wake up at 4:00 am and fly a 14-hour flight with a 47-day leg to Jakarta from Bali, Indonesia, to Agadez in Niger, Niger, Niger. It is one of the largest landmass land populations in the world, some of the oldest civilizations on the planet and a country that has been fragmented geographically over the centuries (unlike neighboring country Nigeria).

Let’s just say that “ridiculous” is an understatement.

However, Indonesia seems to be the destination of choice for destinations in the east. And if you’re traveling in “the old world” (to use an odd (but clear and accurate) phrase from bygone days) this is the ideal place to visit.

Of course, a not-so-new world (or northwest corner in terms of geography) adventure usually entails a plane ride, right? Although my little budget really couldn’t stretch as far as I’d like.

If you’re looking for a large quantity of Timbuktu or Sapporo hotels, you’ll most likely be disappointed. It is an eco-tourism destination, rather than a money-grubbing tourism destination, which means the prices reflect that (and there are still good deals).

Bali, my home destination, makes a good base to visit other more friendly parts of Indonesia. Or maybe you have to pay to visit Sunda Strait and the central Borneo Sea region (part of the Asian Tiger Tiger eco tourism region).

In a lush area in the middle of Africa (by my standards at least), Agadez is an amazing destination. It has a lively community and many other options for you to explore.

For me, I’m fascinated by the former Roman Empire’s ruins and mausoleums. From the world’s first dynasty and kingdom, all the way to the diverse Islam in Africa, there is so much to see. You can stop for a day and explore Agadez, but you can also stay for a weekend, tour the ruins and walk its charming streets, have lunch, have coffee and get your thoughts from a meeting.

The founder of the Motema Negara Museum for religious learning and ruins in the ancient city of Ubud in Bali as well as other famous old cities such as Iquique in Chile and Banja Luka in Bosnia, is now the first-ever to return to the sites. Here are some of the top destinations you can visit during this trip in Indonesia.

From the ochre and Ayeyarwady art from Ubud in Bali to the red ceramic that hangs in Serena’s Palace in Iquique, for me, Indonesia is a window into the ancient, for me, it is a glimpse into the future of cultures.

Africa and Asia have the three most populous sub-Saharan countries, also the poorest countries on earth.

The barren lands of the tropics have made the marvels of Indonesian Ayeyarwady ceramic, Timbuktu’s majestic Nariok hill and the Mesopotamian civilization of Lake Chad all celebrated and celebrated, despite their gorges of dust, incense and poverty.

As Indonesia and Africa are almost parallel, there are an abundance of cultural treasures you can see.

Following this journey, some travelers might decide to return to Jakarta in the future, as they put themselves in a mode to return, sometimes to explore another old city.

Will travel for food. will travel for coffee. will travel for his camera. when he tells you that he plans to return to Agadez in Niger.

*Today we’re going to talk about Bendbul. We have a charming city located between Papua in Indonesia and Papua in New Guinea. We go to climb the 33 stone stairway with the colossal Indendar-ke, and walk along a lovely lake. As we walk, it dawns on me that if you were stranded, you would never want to leave Bendbul because of all the hip boutiques, food and cool cafes. We do mention the recent “9 deadly diseases in India.” What are they and what can you do?

We go on to talk about street food, wine and a small town called Mt Kimborini in Indonesia. It’s a mountain in the rainforest. The story is that one family has the right to food for the after-sunrise prayers. They call the food “Mandar.”

See you next time!


Week 4: Beaks and Seafood

Week 4: Beaks and Seafood

Rafayjo Kumaili | 21 | Colombo – Sri Lanka

“At the docks, you find excursion boats and small cargo ships, which can transport live fish or vegetables. On the boats, there are small fishing boats. People take out up to six people and, on the same boat, they bring in up to four of their friends and family to share the cost of the trip. Then there are other things, such as kids’ excursions to the Tanjung Hari market and other places.”

Philippine Needle | Jacqueline Ruben | Pangsuan, Cebu, Philippines

“The daily bargains that Cebu families like us make at the market were legendary. A person just buying a ten ounce salted coconut normally paid only P300. We would take small groups to Macabeng Market to pay P90. One item that stuck out with me was Callas sold by the skull. They were a bit heavier and not as sweet, but it was a significant saving.”

Bandung Marina | Belinda Desimone | New Delhi, India

“I first became aware of the city through a broadcast by the local PBS station and immediately decided to go there. There’s no public transport, so the only ways to get around are boats and motorbikes. The boat taxis are cheap and pick you up anywhere you want to go. We found our way around the city by taking the train, but over the four nights of our stay we didn’t take any, and instead just floated around.”


Intentional Adventures in Inspiration (Hosted) to Leisure, They Look Like Hints, Then you Try the Stuff Anyway

This new book is a must have for any amateur traveler. Its content is approachable, functional, and most importantly: easy to read. As a result, Will Fly for Food is easily browsed and used by the discerning traveller.

Unlike other travel guides that promote confusion by having foreign pictures of exotic locales, this book is an essential guide on Indian and Indonesian food. It is easy to understand, encourages study of all meals in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings, and covers menus that are easy to understand and recognize. It also provides short descriptions of different dishes, so that you can compare and contrast with ease. In addition, the booklet offers tips and strategies to make the most of restaurant meals—while also giving specific descriptions of three different types of dishes (“subdued beef stew with corn,” “simple rice pancake with vegetables,” and “stuffed rice noodles with char suey”).

The book’s descriptions are useful, explaining why you may enjoy the recipes by noting some nuances in your tastes and habits.

The first rule to follow is to pick only one time-saving version of each dish to recreate. And there are countless easy-to-use techniques that could make great holiday gifts!


Will Fly for Food – Will Fly for Food.

Will Fly for Food is the blog dedicated to Travel & Tourism travel for the first-timer. Will fly for food. Travel with a wide smile, enjoy the journey, and stay positive. Will Fly for Food takes a look at destinations and experiences, with the single goal of eating great food wherever you are, to promote and honor food culture & heritage. For travelers looking for a location where their can learn about food, experience a food culture and discover a new and life-affirming culture that makes the destination a destination of choice for a first-timer. The Phuket, Thailand in a Google Doc. We were inspired to create this document because we think, the Phuket’s love for food, which is a common and natural thing, could be a way to tap into the creativity and creativity of people. In essence, the Phuket, Thailand is a destination where the level of attention to detail, hospitality and culinary artistry can cause special trouble to those wanting to experience a different world. We felt it was very important for Will Fly for Food, to go beyond the straight art of writing to spreading the relationship and our personal appreciation for food culture and our passion for all things culinary. So, let us introduce you to the city, Phuket. Phuket, is the most notable Thai Island in Asia. The history, culture, and natural life are, strong, diverse, evolving and breathtaking in their beauty. Eat delicious, delicious food at different places, travel to many places, and explore different facets of the food culture at different places in Phuket. Life in Phuket doesn’t end with food. Live the spirit of the city and local legends. Travel with the hope of sharing your experiences. There are so many places to go, to eat, to feel the energy and to discover a new world of shared pleasures. The city is colorful, you can find all the kind of food any budget can afford. For those wanting to stay with and enjoy the Phuket lifestyle, it’s a possibility for you. The more you walk the more you can see, but as already mentioned it is highly walkable, as it is organized and there are over 300 catacombs with tourist spots nearby, so you might do a little neighborhood walking. You can also explore the nearby Islands with outdoor bars and the most beautiful cuisine in Asia. To maximize your Phuket experience, you can fly with our Travel App. With the Will Fly for Food Google Doc, it will help you to take a serious look at the Phuket’s type of food, its food culture, how local ingredients are used to create some of the best cuisine in the world. And by you taking a look at the Travel App, you can truly discover some new and unique tips on those restaurants, bars, and markets where you will learn a new culinary art and which can inspire you to experience all new things in terms of taste, so will fly for food. Will Fly for Food – via or Will Fly for Food (WFF) on Google Play Store and on the Facebook page, Will Fly for Food. Will Travel for Food – via Will Fly for Food on Facebook and on the Facebook page, Will Fly for Food.


Travel Tips and Tips for Perfect Phuket Experience

One of the best and most popular destinations in Thailand, Phuket is full of vibrant beaches where locals and tourists alike can enjoy a relaxing and ideal getaway.

For travelers who want to explore every aspect of life in Thailand, Phuket deserves to be a top destination on their must-see list. There are picturesque beaches along the eastern coast, great diving, and enchanting islands that can be explored by ferry or by motor boat.

One of the best Phuket locales is Nong Plabun Beach, which is said to be home to the longest pier in the country. With its several beautiful coconut groves, the ocean, and pristine beaches, it’s certainly the ideal getaway spot.


Another major draw of Phuket is its infamous Rajaprasong gem hunting. Beaches and reefs all around the country are rich in gems, and the treasure-hunting process has made the places famous and popular among tourist groups.

Imagine visiting the Rakorayit Dam and its various ponds to search for gems; one can also witness the exciting and dangerous stone skipping bout. The tourists-oriented activities are a must-try along with shopping and diving attractions.

Dive Star

All the marvels on the water, along with diving, offers an experience like no other. The aquatic activities at Krabi province are rich in experiences, from deep dive to island kitesurfing to tours of reefs. The colorful coral reefs are a must-see for divers of the country.

Headline Island

The wonderland with breathtaking beauty located off the west coast of Phuket is one of the largest and most popular fishing islands. There are five attractions on the island and many restaurants are spread on the serene little island. The white sand is pristine and sandy beaches are just a few minutes away from all the tourist locations.

The Juice Beach is known for its daily variety of juice and craft beers. You can also spend a happy hour on the sand in this picturesque island.

Getting to Phuket from

Thailand’s land border with China is only an hour from Phuket. Visitors can simply book their bus service to go back or visit Phuket from there. A little over an hour from Bangkok, Phuket is easily accessible and it’s also a good place to find the food, sightseeing, and nightlife.


What’s in our backpacks with Will fly for food

Brandon Dasilva/Getty Images for Levi’s

(KGTV) – Each week, viewers will tune in to Green Monster Sports Center at San Diego Gaslamp Quarter to watch cross country running. It’s why we have created a weekly feature dubbed “What’s in Our Backpack.” Each week we’ll showcase a video related to runners — something physical, food related, or about cross country.

At the Las Vegas Half Marathon, two men and four women entered the “Go First!!” Half Marathon. They share what their backpacks are for.

Each week we’ll give you a map and details on where we filmed. Keep checking back throughout the week to see how it all came together in the video above.

Will Fly for Food

Green Monster Sports Center at San Diego Gaslamp Quarter, 1170 4th Ave.

San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 260-3696 or

(click on green monster sports center for location)

Jay Barrentine (above) is raising money for the Bristol Farms Thanksgiving Fund.

David Navos (below) is raising money for Kresge’s Diabetes Clinical Research Institute.

Allen Guim (below) is raising money for the Animal Friends of the Valleys.

Ryan Sims (below) is raising money for San Diego Regional Cancer Institute.

Young Inman (below) is raising money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Madison Marshall (below) is raising money for pediatric neurosurgery.

Hannah Hnatarush (below) is raising money for University of California San Diego School of Medicine.

and the grandson of Bruce Bochy:

Kelvin Barnes: [Find Hope]

Evan Evans: [Find Hope]

Suzanne Harrison: [Find Hope]

Andrew Matos: [Find Hope]

John Warnus: [Find Hope]

Grant Matus: [Find Hope]

David Hardesty: [Find Hope]

Gebba Beck: [Find Hope]

Heather Burriss: [Find Hope]


The best beaches from Bangkok to Reunion

Image Credit: Issam Elshamy/©Gulf News

If you’re thinking about overseas travel, Bangkok is definitely the first place to head to. It’s one of the most popular and established travel destinations in the world, especially to the wealthy tourists.

However, if you’re looking for the best beach destination for Asian travellers, don’t forget about the south-east Asian country of Thailand.

These beautiful beaches may just outshine even all of the city’s flashy beaches. Take a look at the ten best beaches from Bangkok to Reunion, and vote for the best beach for Asian travellers.

10. Koh Ou Loe Doi – Koh Loke Doi, Thailand

This beach in Thailand is known for being near the mountains, which is one of the best reasons for this beautiful beach.

It’s also the local beach for surfing and kayaking.

9. Punta Gua Island in Reunion Island – Punt Gua Island, Reunion Island

While there are countless different reasons for what makes this beach like paradise, one of the main reasons is the fact that this island is located very far away from a populated area.

This is the world’s smallest coral island, where the most popular beaches are good for surfing and windsurfing.

8. Kao Hua Beach in Malaysia – Kao Hua Beach, Malaysia

The Kao Hua Beach isn’t really a beach but instead an inland beach located in the centre of the city of Kota Kinabalu.

It’s paradise for scuba diving and many other underwater recreational activities such as snorkeling.

7. Pigeon Island Inshore in Vietnam – Pigeon Island Inshore, Vietnam

Visitors will be impressed by the scenery of this beautiful beach, however its the seagulls that are known to cause a buzz with their antics.

The beautiful island’s coral reefs are teeming with marine life including turtles, sea cucumbers, crabs and fish.

6. Isla Bonita in Bali, Indonesia – Isla Bonita, Bali, Indonesia

Perhaps the loudest of the beaches in this list, the nature of this beach is conducive to kayaking and outdoor activities.

This is one of the quieter beaches in Indonesia where visitors can not only enjoy surfing but also beach diving.

5. Davatong Inshore in Bali, Indonesia – Davatong Inshore, Bali, Indonesia

Another natural sandy beach that draws the most visitors to this beach is its location on the Indo-Malayan Peninsula.

Island-hopping here makes this beach even more crowded, as tourists flock to discover more sun, sea and sand.

4. Yogyakarta Inshore in Indonesia – Yogyakarta Inshore, Indonesia

Another marine-savvy area with animal attraction. This is a popular setting for those who love this oceanic destination.

Turtle nests are abundant on this beach and visitors can experience aquatic activities such as paddle boarding.

3. Beach of Melek Mas

Both Asia and the Caribbean share the same beach, but it is best known in Thailand. Melek Mas belongs to Phuket and is a wildlife-and nature-loving region that is replete with nature parks.

Many people visit this beach to capture some great photos of the colourful sea and bay.

2. Butee Manyampo Inshore in Bali, Indonesia

This beach is located across a whole island from Bali and is considered a paradise. It has numerous blue waters, palm trees and is the largest natural beach in Indonesia.

2. Merak Inshore in Cambodia – Merak Inshore, Cambodia

Another tropical paradise for visitors to enjoy is this small Indonesian island in a bamboo forest. It is said to be one of the most busy beaches in Asia, and visitors go to explore the mangroves, coral reefs and mangrove walks as well as the beautiful marine life.

1. Punta de Lobos

The winner of Asia’s best beach is definitely Punta de Lobos in Reunion Island, France.

The beach is home to numerous small ponds and waterfalls, while the rocky shore is perfect for those who like to fish or take a walk with the water.


Explore the calm and tranquility of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Thailand is a popular resort destination for many visitors who are seeking a Thai vacation experience unlike any other. The lush green jungles, vibrant markets, and monuments that line the streets of Chiang Mai make it a safe, authentic, and relaxing vacation spot.

Chiang Mai is almost a two-hour flight from Bangkok. According to Lonely Planet, the people of Chiang Mai embrace travelers with warm hospitality, making the city a great choice for those with families or young children.

Chiang Mai is easily accessible from many major Thai airports such as Suvarnabhumi and Suvarnabhumi Airport. The city is known for its minimal stress, and travelers are often surprised to find a rich cultural heritage and lush greenery within easy reach. There are also award-winning food and shopping centers and delicious local cuisines to choose from.

A popular destination for travelers with kids, Chiang Mai has a playground, two art galleries, a children’s museum, many fitness facilities, and more. Children can have a great time at the arts and crafts center and play with various crafts and other activities.

We recommend you get your entire family, and come for a rejuvenating and warm feeling trip to the old capital of Thailand.